The Workroom

Elegance and bespoke perfection, authenticity and a-state-of-the-art workroom — that is the essence of Interior Production. Our journey to excellence started in 1992, when the demand for custom in-house production was first on the rise. We have since continued to exclusively cater to the professional interior design trade. 

Skilled Artisans

Our team consists of skilled artisans who are familiar with the demands of the interior design industry.  Each and every seamstress, upholsterer, installer, and builder is allotted individual projects with production schedules of up to a few months to ensure precision, quality, and a beautiful final product.

Designer  Collaboration

Our dynamics with the interior designers we work with is a full collaborative process. We call ourselves an "open-door" workroom, where designers are encouraged to observe and participate in the production process of their projects. This collaborative nature of our workroom fosters an inspiring and intimate production experience, start to finish. 

Full-Service Production

We pride ourselves in facilitating and managing the entire interior production process. A typical project for us encompasses all of the following: on-site measurements, fabric and hardware acquisition, construction site visits, and final installations. 


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Zaha Hadid Chelsea
For Jennifer Post Design Inc.

Zaha Hadid was undoubtedly of the most influential architects of our time, so it's no wonder designer Jennifer Post was chosen for this beautiful project in one of Hadid's last developments.  We were honored to have produced all of the window treatments for this iconic apartment. These simple  white sheers were the perfect choice to ensure elegance, while still emphasizing the view and the architect's original image.  

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Hamptons Villa
For Stacey Gendelman Designs

Stacey Gendelman's design for this Hamptons villa is one of a kind– light, airy, minimalistic, yet still chic and sophisticated. Her concept of blue as a pop of color in almost every room perfectly compliments the beachy, laid back atmosphere of the Hamptons.

Our work for this project included the draperies, headboards, upholstery, and several throw pillows. Click through the slide gallery above for item details in each room.

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Kips Bay
For J. Cohler Mason Design

The Kips Bay Decorators Show House is one of our favorite shows to participate in. It was our honor to fabricate pillows, window treatments, and upholstery for beloved designer Jennifer Cohler Mason. The show raises critical funds for much needed after school and enrichment programs for New York City children.

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 8.56.05 AM.png
For Patrik Lonn Design

When we think of designer Patrik Lonn, the first word that pops into our heads is sophistication. His design at the Baccarat proves just that.

 Even amidst the beautifully infinite panoramic views of Manhattan, Lonn still created a sense of romance, intimacy, and comfort with his use of warm tones and fabrics. We are especially big fans of his use of stripes!