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Mother-Daughter Duo
Victoria & Emily Gorelik

Founded  in 1992, Interior Production is a family business run by passionate mother Victoria and daughter Emily. As a mother-daughter team, Founder Victoria and managing designer Emily bring their talents together to create and deliver refined products to their designers. With every project, the two have discovered that nothing beats working together. With Interior Production, you are more than just a client- you become family.


Our Team, Our Family

Our team consists of skilled artisans who are familiar with the demands of the interior design industry. We maintain a team with precise attention to detail and a passion for refinement. Each and every seamstress, upholsterer, installer, and builder is allotted individual projects with production schedules of up to a few months to ensure precision, quality, and a beautiful final product. 

Limber Zapata
Head of Operations

Luda Vishnevsky
Production Manager

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