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Custom Design Expertise

We manufacture custom design products for the interior design trade. The hallmark of our company is the attention to detail and strive for perfection of our craftsmen team. Beyond their professional experience, they embody the diversity of skills and possibilities we offer to our designers, planners, and architects. 


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Motorization & Hardware


We have access to hundreds of high-end hardware- metals, woods, lucite... Our team of installers travel to any location- from the tri-state area all the way to Europe- to ensure the full service, exceptional quality and fulfillment.


With the demand for motorisation on the rise, we are proudly certified Lutron, Somfy, and Hunter Douglas partners and installers.

Skilled Artisans

Our team consists of skilled artisans who are familiar with the demands of the interior design industry.  Each and every seamstress, upholsterer, installer, and builder is allotted individual projects with production schedules of up to a few months to ensure precision, quality, and a beautiful final product.

Designer  Collaboration

Our dynamics with the interior designers we work with is a full collaborative process. We call ourselves an "open-door" workroom, where designers are encouraged to observe and participate in the production process of their projects. This collaborative nature of our workroom fosters an inspiring and intimate production experience, start to finish. 

Full-Service Production

We pride ourselves in facilitating and managing the entire interior production process. A typical project for us encompasses all of the following: on-site measurements, fabric and hardware acquisition, construction site visits, and final installations. 

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